PHOTO BY: James wulferstein

PHOTO BY: tyler hawkins

PHOTO BY: James wulferstein

PHOTO BY: KELLi spencer

PHOTO BY: will loyd

Since I was a little girl, my parents encouraged me to explore, discover, and create. This basic principle has led me on a lifetime journey of exploring new mountains and skiing in new places, of pushing myself to my limits to see how much I can take, and capturing my experiences through the lens of my camera. I am driven by unexplored places, fresh powder, human-powered adventures and a cold glass of beer or a good whisky.

I spent my childhood in the mountains of Colorado. I grew up skiing, backpacking, camping, white water rafting, biking, and climbing. With my parents as my guides I developed a love and appreciation for the outdoors. As I got older, I wanted to discover more places and ski bigger mountains and moved to Alaska.

I then spent the next several years summiting peaks, skiing steeper lines and fueling my passion for skiing. I also discovered a community of like-minded people and made Alaska my home.


Based in Alaska, my backyard is the perfect playground to continually push myself. From big mountain skiing, I can also access incredible surfing, kayaking, climbing, rafting, biking and hiking which gives me an all-around arena to constantly develop and hone my skills. 

I believe that traveling (in your own backyard or around the world) and putting yourself outside of your comfort zone is one of the best forms of education an individual can receive. Discovering new ways of thinking, connecting with people in different cultures and discovering new places teaches empathy, understanding, honesty, kindness, and appreciation for the people in our lives, the experiences we have, and the world we live in.

As I continue to travel, ski and explore in remote places around the world and in my backyard I would be humbled if you joined me in my next adventure! You can do that by following along in my social media channels: