April, 2017


After I was done with my trek across New Zealand, I decided that I needed a change of pace. What better way to relax and rejuvenate than by heading to Australia for some surfing, exploring, and of course time spent with old friends!

I headed to Sydney first because there were several big parades and things going on in the city. I stayed in a hoste and spent several days exploring and navigating. I'll be honest, I often stay away from cities because its so busy and overwhelming for me...and I would much rather be on top of a mountain than dodging traffic. However, the different culture, architecture and food made exploring Sydney really fun! I surfed at Bondi Beach, covered all the hikes nearby, and ate as many kangaroo burgers as possible. (BEST BURGERS EVER, by the way!)

There were a few days that I spent photographing Australia's iconic landmarks. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the Sydney Opera House and Bridge:



Sydney was amazing. I spent two nights completely awake waiting for the perfect moment to photograph the Opera House. That, mixed with lots of hiking and surfing...left me exhausted and ready to explore more of Australia.

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Next Up: Surfers Paradise! My good friend Jen lives there and invited me out for some epic surfing, good food, and lots of laughter. I met her in Alaska and it has been a couple of years, so getting invited to her home, to meet her friends, and for her to take me to the good, local surf spots was pretty incredible. She's a rad surfer, and so are her mates. 

Surfing, Good Food, Movies, Local Festivals and Concerts, and Ripped Guys (all aussies seem to be in amazing shape...and they are so friendly!!!) made for one heck of a trip!!!

Another crazy thing was the amount of times I got stung by jelly fish! It's actually super uncommon, but the entire time I was there, Australia was having some very unusual swell patterns that were sweeping jellies in from other parts of the world. Don't worry, I was literally the ONLY person on the whole beach getting stung...multiple times a run. Because my pale, unusual american body seemed to invite those suckers right on up to me. Dinner time!

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