APRIL, 2014

In 2014, I hit the road to head to Big Bend National Park to rock climb and mountain bike. I met up with a good friend of mine who lived there. Being local, she knew all the unique authentic spots to hit, and it was greatly appreciated. We stayed in a mutual friends cabin, choosing to sleep on the porch and watch the stars.


Our days began early to beat the mid-day heat, and began at around 6am. I woke up to the smell of Estefana making coffee and breakfast. Stepping onto the porch, I turned on the small hose and showered under the icy water. Drying with a small hand towel, the only thing we had brought, we switched places and I finished making breakfast. We chatted and gathered our gear for the day, excited about the opportunity and the trails we would be biking. At 6:40am, we were on a dirt road, biking away from our cabin and heading for those epic mountain biking trails. 


Big Bend is amazing. It has such a unique feel, and interesting terrain because it is the largest protected area ofChihuahuan Desert topography and ecology in the United States. There is so much to do and see, and I realized that I would barely be scratching the surface. Estefana told me "I've lived here for years, and I am barely scratching the surface". Imagine that.


We hit several trails, and by 12:15pm, temperatures had surpassed 100 degrees. We ducked into a quaint bar and cooled down with some local beer and music. At 2:00pm, we hit the road again on our search of more terrain.


Our days were like that, early starts and late finishes. Every sore muscle, scrape, and feeling of being extremely overheated was worth it to experience the national park.


Interested in going to Big Bend or have questions? Click the link below for more information:





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