Exploring the Kenai River, Alaska

April 2020

One of my favorite places in ALL OF ALASKA is the Kenai. So much so that I named my dog after it! The Kenai River is one of the most gorgeous colors of turquoise you have ever seen. It almost glows an emerald color when the sun hits it. 

We set out in April to do one of my favorite hikes. (Because it's a local hike, I won't name it here, as I want to preserve this place. If you have questions about my stance on GeoTagging locations, feel free to reach out!). 

We spent the entire day soaking up the sun (after a long dark winter), appreciating the views, sharing hard ciders, and mapping out backpacking routes through this range. For now, enjoy the spectacular views below. I hope it encourages you to get out and do some exploring.