August 2019

This year, for my dogs first birthday, I wanted to do something big for her. REALLY BIG. I’m not talking about baking her a cake, or giving her a large bone. I wanted to give her an AMAZING memory (something I prefer for myself as well). So, I packed up all our camping stuff, and together we set out for a 5 day backpacking trip to some new areas that I’ll remain unnamed, and spent the last 2 nights of our trip at Lost Lake.


Lost Lake is BY FAR one of my favorite places in Alaska. Most people will spend their day hiking to the lake and back, but not as many people camp. I’ve always had the lake to myself…so it was great.


Kenai and I spent our evenings picking blueberries and catching trout in the lake, and growing sleepy together watching the stars. In the mornings, we swam and ran together. 


There is truly no better way to spend a birthday.


Happy 1st Birthday sweet girl. I’m so glad you are here.