February 2020

Valdez Ice Fest is classic. It’s the perfect authentic small town with some MAJOR ice walls. I’ve been attending Valdez Ice Fest for years, and it’s my favorite festival HANDS DOWN. 


People come from all over the state of Alaska and the world to climb the ice in Valdez. 


The festival is perfect. Filled with good people, big onbjectives, tons of classes and workshops, you can tackle anything and learn new skills.


This year, I made ‘Dry Tooling’ a priority for me. It’s something that I am not very good at, and really invested in some classes this year to make those skills better.


When I wasn’t attending classes, I was climbing some of my own personal objectives on big ice walls.


So incredibly thankful for ALL the friends, love, and support from the climbing community. This years festival was one for the books!


To learn more about Valdez Ice Fest, or to attend next year click here