After years of dreaming about bigger mountains, and pursuing big mountains in skiing...I decided to pack up everything I owned and move to the great white north: Alaska! I set out on an epic road trip through the upper states and into Canada and then into Alaska. I was able to see so much of the country, and really experience first hand the changing landscapes and wildlife. It was also eye opening ot see the effects of global warming in all different parts of the country, and has inspired me to continue to be an advocate for change. The gallery below showcases some of my favorite adventures from the trip. 


The biggest thing that I hear from Alaskans is "The seasons are changing. The climate is changing." Climate change is evident everywhere. The snow is receding, and its snowing much less than it used to. Glaciers are disappearing each year. We are impacting the environment all around us. To learn more about  how the climate is changing in your area, or to take action, visit