MAY 2018

PHOTO BY: KELLi spencer

A couple weeks before, I got a text from a friend of mine inviting me to go climb Via Ferrata. Growing up in Colorado, and skiing un Telluride, Via Ferrata wasn't well known. It was an "underground" hike that no one knew about.  Since I have always been to Telluride just to ski, I've actually never done it. So I was pretty thrilled by the invite for a girls weekend to go climb an iconic part of Telluride.

We departed early and drove straight through...a good 7 hour drive. (For all of us, we have commuted longer 7 hours one way for a weekend adventure seemed pretty normal.)

The weather forecast in Telluride continued to plummet and we realized we would be climbing the same day...which looked to be the only open weather window we would have. So we arrived, dropped the dogs off with a dog sitter, and adventured up the rough-n-tuff road to the start of the Via.

PHOTO BY: KELLi spencer

PHOTO BY: KELLi spencer

PHOTO BY: KELLi spencer

PHOTO BY: Jasmine fitzimmons

The Via Ferrata is amazing. Some of the sections seem like more an exposed hiking trail than a climbing or mountaineering route, but quickly you are thankful for the harness, ropes and safety measures you took as you dangle thousands of feet above Telluride. 

The trail quickly turns to exposed cliffs that you are roped into, moving horizontally across the cliff. A couple parts require some technical climbing abilities. 

It's thrilling to hang high above Telluride viewing all the trails, waterfalls, and the town.

There is something refreshing about going to the mountains with a group of empowered women. We cultivate a life we actually enjoy living, we make moves towards success and happiness, we bring each other up instead of putting each other down, we don’t waste time wishing…instead we DO. We call each other on our shit. We know when to walk away. We dare to go for the hard things. We celebrate each others successes, goals, and accomplishments and embrace each other through the struggles and hardships. We can relate to things in life together, laugh about the silly things, the hard things, and the good things. We challenge each other, and at the end of the day have we have created a support group for this thing called life. We also do rad things together, get cool photos, and spend too much time drinking wine and laughing…but thats all in the balance.

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